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If you are interested in selling computers there are many avenues that you can take.  It is not as easy as the “good old days” when everyone was selling computers for a profit, but it is still very possible.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Sell Used Computers

Most computers last a long time.  And many people always want the latest and greatest.  If you can pick up some of those “old” machines they can usually be resold for a profit.  You should test them and provide a 30-day warranty so your customers are more comfortable buying used.  If the computer runs fine when you test it odds are it will last for some time.  And if the computer does die you can always take it back and use it for parts for a “Frankenstein” machine.  (See Below)

Sell Custom Built Computers

There is much value in building custom computers and some people will see the advantage of buying custom from you rather than a manufactured machine.  There is an education component here when you must educate your client as to the advantages of custom-built machines.

Sell High End Gaming Computers

There can be a nice profit in high end gaming machines.  The manufactures just can’t keep up with the fast moving world of high end gaming computers.  Diehard gamers expect to pay a lot for their machines so if you are flexible and build what they want there is a good profit margin.

Sell Linux Computers

The big manufacturers have practically ignored Linux.  This presents an opportunity.  The newer distributions like Ubuntu are easy to install and provide great value.  There are a couple avenues you can take.  You can build machines specifically for those that are Linux enthusiasts.  You also might be able to build for beginners and maybe add on a little “course” or tutoring for an extra charge.

Sell Used Apple Computers

There is always a market for used Apple equipment.  Apple products are high quality and last a long time.  Used Apple computers are easy to sell.  The trick is finding used machines at a price that allows you to resell them at an adequate profit.

Sell Low End Internet Browsing Computers

Many people do not need a powerful computer.  Maybe they mostly just browse the Internet and use Email, or maybe they simply want a cheap spare machine.  The key here is inexpensive but quality parts.  I’ve had some success with stockpiling parts when they are on sale and then assembling base level computers.  However, It doesn’t pay to stockpile parts where the price changes often (e.g. CPUs and graphics cards.).  You can keep an eye out for parts like cases, power supplies, and DVD drives, and buy them when they are on sale.  You can pass your savings on to your customers.

Sell Home Servers

You need a little knowledge for this but with free Linux server software you can build an inexpensive server.  You might even be able to sell an add on tutoring, setup, or servicing plan to go along with the purchase.

Sell Used Computers from Gathered Parts Computers – Frankenstein Computers

These are simply computers built from other “parts” computers.  Making use of the good parts from non-working machines is a way to glean a little extra profit for your business.  Again, you should offer a 30-day guarantee to reassure your customer.

Sell Value Added Manufactured Computers

There used to be a lot of businesses that did this for small businesses.  The idea was that you sold a manufactured computer, but then you sold added value services like setup, network setup, consulting, etc..  This is still possible, but the market has diminished as computer knowledge has become more widespread.  You might want to try marketing to businesses that have little in house computer knowledge.  Maybe even set up a recurring revenue model where you agree to come in once a month or so to review any problems they are having.  This also gives you the opportunity to sell additional services.

Sell Specialized Machines Like Cloud Ready Chromebook Computers

I’m sure there are many possibilities that fit under this category.  It would include anything that would allow your business to stand out by offering something that others don’t.  One example I can think of are Cloudy Ready laptops.  These are laptops where you replace the operating system with Cloud Ready, which then operates as a ChromeBook.

Now clear your mind and brainstorm some additional ideas of your own!