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Old Computer
Old Computer

So, is your computer getting a little old?  Maybe it is slow with the newer apps or can’t run them all.  Perhaps it has done its duty and is ready for retirement.  Or maybe you have already bought a new computer and need to decide what to do with the old one.  This article will provide some ideas.


If you haven’t replaced your computer yet and your needs are modest an upgrade might be the ticket.  Here are some ideas:

Reload Windows – It sometimes slows down over time and a fresh install can make a big difference.  Make sure you do it right so you don’t lose your valuable data!

Upgrade the memory – increasing memory can provide a breath of fresh air to your computer.  Consider moving to 16, or even 32 Gig if your motherboard will support it.

Add an additional hard drive if you are running out of space, or switch to a solid state drive to speed up performance if you are running a traditional hard drive.


If you don’t know about Linux take the time to learn.  Linux is an alternative operating system to Windows.  There are many varieties and some will run just fine on older computers.

Live Linux

Some varieties of Linux run from a USB or DVD Drive.  They run in memory and are a good way to test and learn about Linux.

Guest Room

Do you have a guest room?  Why not take that older computer, clean up all the junk on it and make it available to guests.  Sometimes they just want to check email in private and it doesn’t take a powerful new computer to do that.


There is server software out there that can turn your old computer into a server.  Check out YouTube videos and do some research on the Internet.  A server can be useful and you’ll learn a lot setting one up!

Media Device

Some people use their old computer as a dedicated media device to store and run music and videos.  Again, check out YouTube and the Internet for ideas.


If your computer is not too old you can donate it.  Perhaps there is a senior citizen that just needs email and occasional Internet access.  They might not want or have the means to buy a new machine so your donated one may be perfect!

One note on donating.  If the computer is really too old to be useful, or broken and not fixable don’t dump it on some donation service like Goodwill.  They just have to spend their time and resources to get rid of it.


It may be time to drop off that old computer at a recycling center.  Check the Internet to find one near you.  Sometimes “Recycle Days” will be set up where you can take your old computer and it will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Other Uses

If you check the Internet, people have used their old computers in all kinds of unusual ways.  Think crazy looking art with all or some of the component!.

Hopefully these ideas will get you thinking and you will even come up with some ideas of your own!

Photo by bert b on Unsplash