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Let’s be clear what I mean when I say “Computer Business.”  I mean the hardware side of things.  That includes building, upgrading, and repairing computers.  I’m not talking about programming or web design for example, not that they aren’t also good businesses.

A Computer Business can be great for retired folks, as well as a great side hustle for those that have a full time job.

The skills needed to build, upgrade, and repair computers are learnable in a reasonable amount of time.  There is now actually less competition than a decade ago and that presents an opportunity.

Why Am I Passionate About This

A computer business was my first big side hustle.  This was back in the 90s and computers were still very expensive.  I started by building computers for my coworkers.  I could save them a ton of money at the time and still make a decent profit.  It was a win-win.

Later as multiple big companies got into the building computers business profits were squeezed.  However I still did well by concentrating more on upgrades and repairs.  The skills needed are about the same.

Ironically, if you have noticed computers are getting expensive again, especially for the higher end machines.  This presents an opportunity because people are keeping their machines longer and need upgrades and repairs.

I have produced two books.  One is free and shows how to start an upgrade business.  It is available HERE.

The other is available on Amazon as a Kindle Book HERE, and covers building, upgrading, and repairing computers.

The Basic Skills

There are eight basic skills that you need to learn.  These will allow you to do most upgrades, repairs and to build custom computers.  Combinations of these eight skills can handle most situations.  These are covered in my book, but here is a list:

Adding a Hard Drive

Adding a DVD Drive

Add Memory

Add a Video Card

Add or Change a Power Supply

Add or Change a CPU

Install a Motherboard

Install an Operating System

Marketing Your Business

Again, I go into greater detail in my books, but here are the basics:

Word of Mouth

This will always be your biggest source of business.  Do a good job for a fair price and your current clients will refer customers to you.  This was always my biggest source of business.

Business Cards

Just get a bunch printed up at Staples or somewhere and give them to everyone.  Just mention that you build, upgrade and fix computers.  You will be the first person thought of when the need arises.


Have some simple ones printed up and put them on community bulletin boards or drop them off in nearby neighborhoods.


While not an absolute necessity a good website makes you look professional.


It is free so why not take advantage.

Newspaper Classified

While the Internet has ended the big days of newspaper classifieds, local community papers may still make sense.  Remember, the idea of most of these outside ideas is to get things started so that word of mouth can take over.

Free Classified

There are assorted free classified Internet sites in many communities.  Again they are free so take advantage.

Other Computer Shops

These can be a source of business and not just competition.  Tell them what you can do if they get too busy and refer business to them if you get too busy or have a job that you are not comfortable handling.  As an example  I was never comfortable replacing laptop screens but I found someone who was and referred business to them.

Newsletter or Blog

Not a necessity but again it does make you look professional.

Repeat Customers

Many of my customers came back to me again and again and this alone can eventually sustain your business.

If any of this sounds good to you, do some research and maybe check out my books.  Good Luck!

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