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Shiny Object and Techno-Lust

Those of us with even a little interest in computers will always want faster, bigger, and newer.  Some call in “Shiny Object” syndrome.  My and wife and I just call it “Techno-Lust!”

I Get It

We can always justify a new computer in our minds.  And they really do get faster, with more storage, and simply newer and fancier.  And once you start looking at the newest offerings, they are hard to resist.  It is sort of like a lot of guys (and girls) are with new cars.  Once you start looking look out!  All logic flies away and you are going to buy “something!”

What Do You Really Use a Computer For?

If you can just slow down a bit, consider how you really use a computer.  Do you mostly web surf?  Do you write?  Are you a developer?  Do you game seriously or work with very high-end graphics?

Processors Have Become Very Powerful

New CPUs are a driving force for buying a new system.  Well, the good news is that processors have become so good that any from the last few years can run most software.  If fact in my opinion software has not kept pace with processor development.  Most of what is new in the software world is happening online and browser based.  And you don’t need the latest and fastest processor to use a browser.

Consider Linux or a Used Apple

Sometimes your tech craving can be solved with a “new to you” experience.  If you are a PC person consider a used older Apple (they last a long time) or repurpose a used computer with Linux.  Either option will open a whole new world to explore.

Even Gamers Can Slow It Down

High End Game Machines drive the new computer market for consumers.  Hard core gamers want an expensive new super machine every couple months.  And you know what?  If games are your passion and you can afford it that’s OK!

However, if money is an object and you need it to support yourself or a family there are some options.  Game makers know they must appeal to a wide audience if they want to stay in business.  This means most games need to run well on at least most computers built in the past couple years.  Does it really kill you to turn down those settings just a bit while you wait just a little longer before buying that shiny new machine.

Can You Upgrade?

One option is to upgrade your current computer.  More memory, more storage space, or a newer video card can breathe fresh air into your current box.

Note: Backups are Really Important With Older Computers

We should all already have a good backup plan.  This is even more critical if you decide to keep using your older computers.  Hard Drives can go bad with little notice and the result can be catastrophic!

So, will you at least consider holding on to your machine just a little longer?

All this computer talk makes me want to head over to Newegg and start planning my new supercomputer!  Only kidding!

Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash