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What is Designrr?

Designrr is software for creating EBooks and more!  It is especially great for creating EBooks to use as Lead Magnets.  In case you don’t know, Lead Magnets are content you produce to give to people as an inducement to provide an Email address or initiate contact in some way.

To get a quick idea of how it can be used take a look at the EBook I created a while back here.  I was very happy with the results.

Pricing Starts at $29 /mo BUT!

Pricing starts at $29 / mo or $39 for the Pro version (well worth it) however when you go to sign up you get an option to get it for $97 a year, with a 7 day trial.  This is a good deal even if you only create one EBook a year!  I elected to go for the Pro version a couple years ago.


Create unlimited EBooks

This applies to any version.

Templates Available

Also Cover Designs, Google Fonts, and 3D Cover Images .  The 3D covers are very common around the web.  An example is shown with this post..

Copyright Free Images

An assortment is provided to get you started or you can import your own.  An image editor is provided.

Completely Cloud Based

Import from blog posts, Facebook, Word, Dropbox, Vimeo,and YouTube

This would be really useful if you have a blog and want to import a number of your posts and create an EBook.  This is a great way to make additional use of the content you worked so had to create.

Export as a PDF

With the Pro version you can also export to Kindle, iBooks, and ePub.


These are really cool.  I guess they are a bit of a gimmick, but more interesting than just a link to a PDF file.  An example on one of my websites is here.

Quite Flexible

The more you work with Designrr the more ieas you will get to take advantage of it.  I have a number of ideas I still want to try.

Hints and Tips

It Took Some Playing Around

My first EBook took some experimenting to get exactly what I wanted.  So my advice is to take the time to learn the software.  Figure a couple days for a decent sized project.

Word Document Must Be Prepared Properly

If your project uses Word as a starting point it is important to prepare your Word document properly.  Luckily there was a document available in the documentation that walks you through the process.  Basically your document should be complete, edited, and spell checked before importing it into Designrr


Support seems really good.  I only needed to contact support once (via chat) and I received a very prompt reply.  The chat system even checks in with you once in a while to see how things are going!

Pretty Good Documentation

There is a lot of good documentation available on the site.  There are also articles and ideas on how to make good use of the software.  This includes things like increasing traffic, selling EBooks, branding, generating additional leads and repurposing your content.

It has been a while since I created my last content with Designrr.  Just writing this has given me some ideas.  Reviewing their website gives me even more ideas.  I’ll let you know how I do!

Created by Gerald Morse with Designrr software.