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I was daydreaming some “pie in the sky” ideas one day.  I didn’t worry too much about practicality, or cost effectiveness.  And some of these aren’t really high tech.  So, in no particular order here are my ideas.

Something To Figure Out Meals

Figuring out meals is always tough if you are a busy individual or family.  Most of the time we end up waiting until the last minute.  And then we usually end up with something less than healthy or fast food.

So, how about a service that works like this:

  • Give it a budget.
  • It plans the meals, and it provides explicit directions.
  • It does the shopping.  (Available delivery services make this an option)
  • It could be adjusted for health, or a little less healthy, but delicious.

Online Incubators for Everyone

Side hustles are promoted and growing everywhere.  People shouldn’t need to build in a vacuum.  There are some membership sites run by gurus that sort of do this.  But I’m thinking something more all encompassing, with ideas, support, classes, suppliers, etc. 

Something That Does The Dishes.

No one likes doing the dishes and it’s one reason many people grab fast food rather than making something a little healthier.  Dishwashers help, but you still need to load, unload, scrape and pre rinse (even though the manufacturers claim it’s not needed.)

So something more radical might be needed.  How about a table top that flips and provides an integrated dishwasher.  And then once the dishes are clean it flips back and the table is set for the next meal.  (I know, this sounds like the Jetsons, but I said the ideas might not be practical.

Something To Plan Local Getaways.

Not sure what to do this weekend – Give it your location and budget and it gives you options.  It would have built in profiles of you and your significant other.  There are lots of travel services out there but they don’t give many local and inexpensive ideas.

Friend Maker

Something to facilitate making new friends – not dating apps, just purely friends.  I think there might be something like this done already, but there is surely room for improvement.

Something To Subtly Remind You Of Your Commitments

Think eating right, getting enough sleep, goal setting, calling important people in your life, etc.  Again there are attempts out there but they need improvement and need to “get in your face” to make them difficult to ignore.

High Tech Mouthwash

A mouthwash that would eliminate tooth brushing.and provide nice breath while stopping cavities in their tracks.

TV Viewing Choice Helper

Something that finds shows and movies for you to watch.  We all just keep flipping.  Take some of the choice away so you are given maybe a dozen “perfect” options.

And additionally we need something that forces you to do something productive before it allows you to watch TV.

Something for Alzheimer’s Patients

Something for Alzheimer’s patients that helps them remember.  I’m visualizing a small device that hangs around their neck or straps to their wrist.  It would only have a couple buttons.  One tells them important things about themselves like their name, address, phone, family and friends.  Another might be a “I’m confused” button that summons help, starting with caregivers and then with first responders.  The unit. would also be GPS equipped.

So here are my “crazy” ideas.  What are yours?